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How to Balance Life through the Holidays

Imagine building a business, moving, having a third child, and wait for it, the holidays are here and you have to buy gifts. Oh, one more thing, you are 90 days out of surgery and trying to get back into pre-surgery shape. Is it time to freak out? How are you suppose to have balance? The stress and anxiety of it all can be overwhelming. Tick… tick… there are just not enough hours in the day. What do you do?

Welcome to the real life of someone who is doing it. And you know what? I wouldn’t have it anyway other way. I have found that the key to balance is to make the time I have valuable. I am respectful of my time and others. I make sure to take time for myself as well. Just the other day I was feeling out of balance, texted my trainer and headed in for a quick 70 minute workout. I was still able to get home on time, help the wife and spend some quality time with the kids.

After everyone goes down, I plan for my next day. I reprioritize my meetings and make sure they are aligned with my long term goals. I make sure I am prepared with an agenda for all of my meetings and verify that there is reason for them. That good ole Simon Sinek, “ask Why” always rings in my head.

I make sure is that I spend my time with people wisely. Is this someone who I want to invest time with? This applies to everyone, whether it is a friend, colleague, potential new business contact, someone I just met, or anyone else. Your time and their time is important. So, ask yourself “Why” and determine if you want to invest the time into that relationship or building that new relationship.

Frankly, it is times like these that make me feel alive and that I am at using my full potential. The Holidays are just like any other time of the year, with a little focus you too can have an enjoyable Holiday Season with no stress. It just takes a little self awareness, planning, and most importantly a positive attitude.

Craig Cecilio is the CEO and Founder of DiversyFund, Husband, and Father to three daughters. Craig’s mission is to break down the barriers that keep most Americans from investing like the wealthiest 1%.


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